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Features of Highland Cattle
Highland Beef
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One of the breeds most famous attributes. In Sweden, it is the only breed allowed by law to be outwintered.

Black Highland Cow

Easy Calving

Heifers and cows calve easily requiring the minimum amount of outside help or attention.


Latest volume of the Herd Book shows that 22% of dams are 18 years or older (having borne 15 calves). This ensures that replacement costs are kept to a minimum


The health, ease of calving and good foraging ability keeps labour cost to a minimum



The versatility of Highland Cattle has led to importation in many countries where their adaptability to adverse and diverse elements has made them much envied.


Highland Cattle improve hill grazing for sheep and do not damage the environment.


No need for expensive buildings or elaborate feed equipment, thus making the breed one of the cheapest to establish.

Red Highland cow

Highland Beef

  • High quality texture, fine marbling, rich and flavoursome
  • Proven by independent analysis to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than shellfish and chicken breast
  • All Steers/Heifers are kept on farm until sold for slaughter at 24-30 months (average weight 450kg)

    Craigowmill Fold – Enterprise & Status

The pure Highland Cow, with her considerable attributes, makes her a good choice for production of commercial hill cows

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