Shorthorn Cattle

Shorthorn Pedigree Herd

We bought our first Shorthorns in 1995 and continued to keep a small number to produce bulls for crossing with highland cows.  In 2012 the continual wet weather made for a change in farming policy and we decided to reduce the number of highlanders, build new cattle courts and breed everything pure.

We like Shorthorns so we decided to keep a small pedigree herd based on the small number which were already on the Farm. Our cattle are medium sized with excellent shape and conformation and high marbling figures. A few purchases at the Stirling Sales have not really helped us as modern Shorthorns are too big and “hard” so we have decided to retain a small herd of around 12 cows based on home bred heifers. Our current stock bull HW Hublot has proved to be exactly what we were looking for and we look forward to his second crop of calves in 2018.


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