Gille Dubh 3rd of Craigowmill

Gille Dubh 3rd of Craigowmill

UK541989100490  06/04/04

Gille Dubh 3rd of Craigowmill is a full brother to Gille Dubh of Craigowmill, Oban Champion Febuary 2000

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Gille Dubh

2nd of Rigg


Gille Dubh of Ardeonaig
TARA1  26/04/1989
Tearlach Dubh of Balinoe
HRB79RB09 03/05/1979
Mairhead of Ardeonaig
TAR77ARM7  20/05/1977
Princess Dubh 7th of Rigg
UKR104400082  18/03/1992
Lasgaire Dubh of Millerston
MMI827014  21/06/1982
Princess Dubh of Pollock
NEP82EPS2  20/04/1982

Victoria 3rd of



Eilean Dubh of Craigowmill
BRCA5  31/10/1989
Jock of Benmore
CRB786800  18/04/1977
Black Bess 4th of Woodneuk
THO7525530  24/03/1975
Xanthippe Chanaidh
UKKS032000012  07/04/1986
Conn Dubh of Lakeside
JCB796858  30/05/1979  
Omhannag Chanaidh
CMC79MCO7 01/06/1979

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